Sew in Hair Extensions

Summary: This article throws light on sew in hair extensions. Tips to increase the life of your sew in hair extensions are also given. A step-by-step process is described in this article so that you can make your sew-in hair extension last longer.

Cost-Effective Sew In Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the latest hair fashion trend and admirers of this trend are found all over the globe. Old and young people equally like this new form of hair styling. However, the reasons may be different. While the young ones do this to look trendier by sporting new hairstyles, the older generation opt for this to cover up the receding hairline. Hair extensions can be of various types and one of the most popular ones is sew in hair extensions.

Aside from the cost of the hair extension itself which can range from $40-$100 for synthetic and $100-$800 for human hair, the price for the labor charges for sewing in the extension is separate. Partial head sew in extensions start at $50 and will go up depending on the amount of labor your hair needs. For full head sew in extension, the salon labor usually starts at $80 or more. Always be reminded that the more hair pieces you want attached, the more price you have to pay.

You need to take proper care of the extensions or else they will be of no use to you. They will become messy and will not last for long. If you can’t take proper care of them, there is no point on spending time and money. Some tips are given here to make sew in hair extensions last for long.

The first way to increase the life of your sew in hair extensions is to cover the hair which have grown up, from the time when you had the sewn in extensions. This is accomplished by the addition of a braid, which leaves no gap in between the artificial hair and the natural hair. Using these technique, you can easily increase the life of your sew in hair extensions by a couple of months.

The practice to make your extensions last for a long time sounds a bit complicated but if all the necessary steps are followed carefully, you can easily achieve your goal.

The first and foremost step is combing down your new hair growth and tying the rest back with the help of clip. The gap is because of the growth of new hair that becomes visible. The new hair has to be parted in two and starting with either side, braid the hair like a cornrow till the end.

Take 12 inches of weaving thread and loop it through a needle. Now tie a double knot at both ends. The excess thread should be cut off. After this, sew the braid to your cornrow. Use loop stitch to do the same. When you are done sewing both sides, tie up the loose strings. Now the next step is the attachment of the weft in the braid. For this purpose, the length of the thread required should be 18 inches.

Start from the thickest portion of the weft and use the looping stitch like before for attachment of the braid to the weft. After cutting off excess thread, comb your hair back on sewn patch. Now that you have covered the new hair growth, you can revert to your styling as before. The weft which you have created will take care of all the gaps.

This technique is very helpful in increasing the longevity of sew in hair extensions. You can try this on your own and thus you can save your hard-earned money and precious time. Since now you know how to make your hair extensions last longer, feel confident to try sew in hair extensions.

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